Qual seu gerenciador de pacotes?

Basicamente o que distingue uma distribuição GNU/Linux é a maneira como os programas são instalados ou removidos. Eis alguns exemplos :

  • yum – gerencia e instala os pacotes no Fedora (extensão .rpm)
  • apt – cuida dos pacotes no Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Kurumin etc (extensão .deb)
  • pacman – utilizado no Arch Linux
  • emerge –  do sistema Portage, que compila e instala os pacotes no Gentoo.

1. Gentoo

[ Results for search key : openoffice ]
[ Applications found : 2 ]

*  app-office/openoffice
Latest version available: 3.0.1
Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ]
Size of files: 364,086 kB
Homepage:      http://go-oo.org
Description:   OpenOffice.org, a full office productivity suite.
License:       LGPL-2

*  app-office/openoffice-bin
Latest version available: 3.0.1
Latest version installed: 3.0.0
Size of files: 1,575,091 kB
Homepage:      http://www.openoffice.org/
Description:   OpenOffice productivity suite
License:       LGPL-2

2. Fedora

Geladene Plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit
============================= Matched: openoffice ==============================
broffice.org-base.i386 : Database frontend for BrOffice.org
broffice.org-brand.i386 : Core brand for BrOffice.org
broffice.org-calc.i386 : Spreadsheet module for BrOffice.org
broffice.org-draw.i386 : Drawing module for BrOffice.org
broffice.org-impress.i386 : Presentation module for BrOffice.org
broffice.org-math.i386 : Equation editor module for BrOffice.org
broffice.org-writer.i386 : Word Processor module for BrOffice.org
openoffice.org-base.i386 : Database frontend for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-base-core.i386 : Database GUI libraries for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-brand.i386 : Core brand for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-bsh.i386 : BeanShell support for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-calc.i386 : Spreadsheet module for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-calc-core.i386 : Spreadsheet libraries for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-core.i386 : Core modules for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-devel.i386 : Development Libraries for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-draw.i386 : Drawing module for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-draw-core.i386 : Drawing libraries for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-emailmerge.i386 : Email mail merge component for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-graphicfilter.i386 : Extra graphic filters for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-headless.i386 : Headless plugin for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-impress.i386 : Presentation module for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-impress-core.i386 : Presentation libraries for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-javafilter.i386 : Extra javafilter module for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-langpack-pt_BR.i386 : Brazilian Portuguese language pack for  : openoffice.org
openoffice.org-pyuno.i386 : Python support for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-report-builder.i386 : Create database reports from openoffice.org
openoffice.org-rhino.i386 : JavaScript support for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-sdk.i386 : Software Development Kit for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-sdk-doc.i386 : Software Development Kit documentation for : openoffice.org
openoffice.org-testtools.i386 : Testtools for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-ure.i386 : UNO Runtime Environment
openoffice.org-writer.i386 : Word Processor module for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-writer-core.i386 : Word Processor libraries for openoffice.org
kdocker.i386 : Dock any application in the system tray
keyjnote.noarch : A program that displays presentation slides
latex2emf.i386 : Create an EMF file from LaTeX source
mythes-cs.noarch : Czech thesarus
o3read.i386 : Standalone converter for OpenOffice.org documents
odt2txt.i386 : Converts an OpenDocument to plain text
ooo2txt.noarch : Convert OpenOffice documents to simple text
oooqs2.i386 : OpenOffice.org Quickstarter 2

3. ArchLinux

extra/openoffice-base 3.0.1-1
OpenOffice.org – a free multiplatform and multilingual office suite
extra/openoffice-base-beta 3.1.0_ooo310_m1-1
OpenOffice.org – a free multiplatform and multilingual office suite
extra/openoffice-base-devel 3.2_dev300_m41-1
OpenOffice.org – a free multiplatform and multilingual office suite
extra/openoffice-pt_br 3.0.1-1
OpenOffice portugese brazil language files
community/openoffice-sr 3.0.1-1
OpenOffice Serbian language files
community/openoffice-tr 3.0.1-1
OpenOffice Turkish language files
community/openoffice-uk 3.0.1-1
OpenOffice Ukrainian language files


dictionaries-common – Common utilities for spelling dictionary tools
dmake – make utility used to build OpenOffice.org
gnumeric – spreadsheet application for GNOME – main program
hunspell – spell checker and morphological analyzer (program)
hunspell-de-at – Austrian (German) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-ch – Swiss (German) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-de – German dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-tools – tools for hunspell
language-pack-byn-base – translations for language Blin; Bilin
language-pack-kde-no-base – KDE translations for language Norwegian
language-support-en – metapackage for English language support
language-support-eo – metapackage for Esperanto language support
language-support-es – metapackage for Spanish; Castilian language support
language-support-pt – metapackage for Portuguese language support
language-support-ro – metapackage for Romanian language support
language-support-ru – metapackage for Russian language support
language-support-translations-af – Additional translations metapackage for Afrikaans
language-support-translations-ar – Additional translations metapackage for Arabic
language-support-translations-as – Additional translations metapackage for Assamese
language-support-translations-zh – Additional translations metapackage for Chinese
language-support-translations-zu – Additional translations metapackage for Zulu
language-support-ts – metapackage for Tsonga language support
language-support-uk – metapackage for Ukrainian language support
language-support-zu – metapackage for Zulu language support
libhunspell-1.1-0 – spell checker and morphological analyzer (shared library)
libhunspell-dev – spell checker and morphological analyzer (development)
libhyphen-dev – ALTLinux hyphenation library – development files
libhyphen0 – ALTLinux hyphenation library – shared library
libuno-cil – CLI binding for OpenOffice.org
myspell-bg – The Bulgarian dictionary for myspell
myspell-pt-br – Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for myspell
myspell-pt-pt – European Portuguese dictionary for myspell
myspell-zu – The Zulu dictionary for myspell
o3read – standalone converter for OpenOffice.org documents
openoffice.org-hyphenation – Hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us – US English hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-thesaurus-pl – Polish Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org
translate-toolkit – Toolkit assisting in the localization of software
bkchem – Python based chemical structures editor
docbook2odf – XSLT based conversions from docbook to Oasis Open Document (openoffice.org)
extract – displays meta-data from files of arbitrary type
fig2sxd – convert XFig files to OpenOffice.org format
gkrellm-hdplop – A hard drive activity monitor GKrellM plugin
gnumeric-gtk – spreadsheet application for GNOME – GTK version
gramadoir – Irish language grammar checker (integration scripts)
gramps – Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Program
hunspell-ar – Arabic dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-uz – The Uzbek dictionary for Hunspell
jed – editor for programmers (textmode version)
kdissert – mindmapping tool
kdocker – minimize all applications to system tray
libaltlinuxhyph-dev – ALTLinux hyphenation library development files
libextractor1c2a – extracts meta-data from files of arbitrary type (library)
libooolib-perl – Perl library for creating OpenOffice.org documents (calc/writer)
libspreadsheet-writeexcel-perl – create Excel spreadsheets
lsr – The Linux Screen Reader for GNOME
ming-fonts-opensymbol – Ming format Opensymbol Fonts
myspell-fi – The Finnish dictionary for myspell
odt2txt – simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
ooo2dbk – converts OpenOffice.org SXW documents to DocBook XML
oooqs2-kde – OpenOffice.org2 QuickStarter applet for KDE
openclipart-openoffice.org – clip art for OpenOffice.org gallery
openoffice.org-ctl-he – Turns on CTL support, & sets Hebrew as the default CTL locale
openoffice.org-ogltrans – OpenOffice.org “OpenGL rendered transitions” extension
openoffice.org-qa-ui-tests – Test Scripts for the OpenOffice.org Testtool
openoffice.org-starter-guide – Getting Started guide for OpenOffice.org 2.x
recoll – A personal full text search package with a QT GUI
strigi-utils – command-line tools for Strigi Desktop Search
swish-e – Simple Web Indexing System for Humans – Enhanced
tex4ht – LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext (HTML) – executables
tex4ht-common – LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext (HTML) – support files
thescoder – compiler for OpenOffice 1.x thesaurus files
unoconv – converter between OpenOffice.org document formats
wmhdplop – A hard drive activity monitor dockapp
wpd2sxw – WordPerfect to OpenOffice.org converter
wps2sxw – Works text documents to OpenOffice.org converter
xjed – editor for programmers (x11 version)
zope-textindexng3 – full text index for Zope objects
zope-textindexng3-lib – full text index for Zope objects
myspell-eu-es – Basque (Euskera) dictionary for myspell
language-pack-gnome-pl-base – GNOME translations for language Polish
language-pack-gnome-ps-base – GNOME translations for language Pushto
language-pack-gnome-pt-base – GNOME translations for language Portuguese
language-pack-kde-hy-base – KDE translations for language Armenian
language-pack-kde-ia-base – KDE translations for language Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association)
language-pack-kde-id-base – KDE translations for language Indonesian
language-pack-kde-ps-base – KDE translations for language Pushto
language-pack-kde-pt-base – KDE translations for language Portuguese
language-pack-pt-base – translations for language Portuguese
language-pack-zu-base – translations for language Zulu
language-pack-zza-base – translations for language Zaza; Dimili; Dimli; Kirdki; Kirmanjki; Zazaki
libwriter2latex-java-doc – OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter — javadoc
myspell-af – Afrikaans dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-gb – English_british dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-us – English_american dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-za – English_shouthafrican dictionary for myspell
openoffice.org – OpenOffice.org Office suite
openoffice.org-base – OpenOffice.org office suite – database
openoffice.org-base-core – OpenOffice.org office suite — libdba
openoffice.org-calc – OpenOffice.org office suite – spreadsheet
openoffice.org-common – OpenOffice.org office suite architecture independent files
openoffice.org-core – OpenOffice.org office suite architecture dependent files
openoffice.org-dev – OpenOffice.org SDK — development files
openoffice.org-dev-doc – OpenOffice.org SDK — documentation
openoffice.org-draw – OpenOffice.org office suite – drawing
openoffice.org-evolution – Evolution Addressbook support for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-filter-binfilter – Legacy filters (e.g. StarOffice 5.2) for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-filter-mobiledev – Mobile Devices Filters for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-gcj – OpenOffice.orgs Java libraries (native for use with GIJ)
openoffice.org-gnome – GNOME Integration for OpenOffice.org (VFS, GConf)
openoffice.org-gtk – GTK+ Integration for OpenOffice.org (Widgets, Dialogs, Quickstarter)
openoffice.org-help-pt – Portuguese help for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-hyphenation-af – Afrikaans hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-hyphenation-de – German hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-impress – OpenOffice.org office suite – presentation
openoffice.org-java-common – OpenOffice.org office suite Java support arch. independent files
openoffice.org-kde – KDE Integration for OpenOffice.org (Widgets, Dialogs, Addressbook)
openoffice.org-l10n-pt – Portuguese language package for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-pt-br – Portuguese_brazilian language package for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-voikko – Finnish spell-checker and hyphenation for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-writer – OpenOffice.org office suite – word processor
openoffice.org-writer2latex – Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter extension for OpenOffice.org
python-uno – Python interface for OpenOffice.org
ttf-opensymbol – The OpenSymbol TrueType font
broffice.org – BrOffice.org office suite
libwriter2latex-java – OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter — library
openoffice.org-dtd-officedocument1.0 – OfficeDocument 1.0 DTD (OpenOffice.org 1.x)
openoffice.org-headless – Headless VCL plugin for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-presentation-minimizer – OpenOffice.org Presentation Minimizer extension
openoffice.org-report-builder – OpenOffice.org Report Builder extension
openoffice.org-sdbc-postgresql – PostgreSQL SDBC driver for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-style-hicontrast – Hicontrast symbol style for OpenOffice.org
writer2latex – OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter
writer2latex-manual – OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter — manual

Como podem perceber,  há um excesso de resultados no Ubuntu e no Fedora. Resolvi fazer esse post pois já vi muitos usuários iniciantes no GNU/Linux que optaram, por exemplo, pelo Ubuntu ficarem perdidos quando precisaram instalar o Java ou alguma biblioteca devido as inúmeros pacotes listados. Continuo preferindo a maneira do Gentoo para as buscas, resultado simples e objetivo (podendo ser rápido usando o eix). E você leitor, como faz para organizar seus programas na sua distribuição? As ferramentas gráficas realmente são eficientes para filtrar essa quantidade de resultados?


Uma resposta

  1. Cara, desanima usar o synaptic no ubuntu… Mas, por outro lado, não tenho paciência (nem tempo) pra ficar personalizando o sistema. Dei graças a Deus de o Ubuntu 8.10 deixar meu notebook rodando tudo sem que eu fizesse alguma coisa.

    Talvez o aptitude seja a melhor saída, apesar de sua interface em modo texto.

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